Tracking & Attribution for eCom stores

Maximize Profitability

with Adblock-Proof
AI Tracking!

Steer your entire marketing budget in the most efficient way with the most accurate tracking & attribution software.

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Cleaner, better traffic to
out-perform your competitors

Make clean PPC traffic your competitive advantage to boost ROI


Works the way you need. Automatically.

Fully automated, customizable click fraud prevention and reporting gives you the data you need to optimize at speed.

Instantly identify and exclude

Optimize for intent by blocking invalid traffic

Not every bad click is malicious. Knowing the difference means you can easily divide threat from opportunity.

Bearkd breaks down your invalid traffic to help you understand the value, behavior, and intentions of each and every click – allowing you to optimize perfectly for intent, source by source.

Enhance traffic quality Increase conversion rates

Protect your PPC budget, block click fraud easily

Defend your PPC campaigns from unscrupulous competitors. Bearkd offers next-gen click fraud prevention systems that combine threat level analysis, unique device ID, and ISP/geolocation detection to provide 24/7 click fraud protection. Which means you can spend your budget on leads, not frauds.

Safeguard valuable resources Secure to assure ROI efficiency

Cleaner traffic, better performance;
Your campaigns can have both

Take your campaigns to new heights with Bearkd 7-day free trial.


Click fraud detection and prevention for Meta and Google Ads.

  • Single website
  • Up to 5k spend
  • Unlimited clicks
  • Basic Reporting
  • Click & Behavior Tracking
  • Basic Protection Controls

$10 / per month

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Search, Bot, GDN and network fraud protection with advanced waste mitigation.

  • Up to 3 websites
  • Up to 50k spend
  • Unlimited clicks
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Click & Behavior Tracking
  • Advanced Protection controls
  • Blacklist management

$50 / per month

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Complete click fraud protection and waste mitigation to scale ROAS traffic.

  • Unlimited websites
  • Up to 100k spend
  • Unlimited clicks
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Click, Behavior & Conversion Tracking
  • Full Protection controls
  • Blacklist management

$80 / per month

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Unbeatable click fraud protection

Our smart system has been designed to protect Google Search, Display, Shopping, and Video campaigns; along with ads on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and the wider Meta Audience Network from click fraud, so you can maximize your ROI. The best part of it? Everything’s quick and easy to set up.

Just toggle on/ off your preferred settings and let our automated system protect you from sifting money through your Google Ads campaigns.

Bot blocking,
easier than ever

Is it a bot? Is it not? We know. We assess every click against a wide range of markers to see how likely it is that it’s man-made – or bot-made. We then block all the bad bots, automatically, so you can lay back and focus on building successful PPC campaigns.

Accurate reports,
at the ready

Whether you decide to generate a report two minutes before a big meeting or set up regular, recurrent reports, we got you. ClickGUARD will automatically serve you all the data you need – so you, your managers, and/or your clients can make better, smarter decisions.