Introducing Google Click Tracker Service

Looking to efficiently and effectively track your online advertising performance? Our Google Click Tracker Service will do just that, empowering you with robust and convenient tracking capabilities.

Why Choose Our Google Click Tracker Service?

Direct Data Integration: Our service sends activity data directly to your database. This makes managing and analyzing data flexible and efficient.

High Reliability and Security: We are committed to protecting your information. Data is encrypted and transmitted securely, ensuring both security and reliability.

Easy Integration and Use: Our service is designed for easy integration and use. You can start tracking your ads quickly without requiring deep technical knowledge.

Our Service Offers:

  • Direct data integration into your database
  • Tracking clicks and interactions on your website
  • Security and protection of customer personal information
  • Easy integration and use

Start using Google Click Tracker Service today

If you’re looking for a reliable online advertising tracking solution, choose our Google Click Tracker Service. Contact us today to get started or to learn more detailed information.

Queryable Information When Clicking on a Link Includes:

  • User’s IP Address: Provides information about the user’s geographical location, helping you understand your target audience better.
  • Device: Tracks the type of device (computer, mobile phone, tablet) and operating system (Windows, iOS, Android) the user is using.
  • Browser: Identifies the web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) the user is using, aiding in optimizing the online experience.
  • Time and Date: Records the time and date when the user clicks on the link, helping you understand access behavior.
  • Destination URL: Tracks the URL that the user is redirected to after clicking on the link.
  • Data from Cookies: Collects information from cookies on the user’s browser, enabling personalized experiences and a better understanding of browsing behavior.
  • Information from URL Parameters: Analyzes URL parameters to understand the context and purpose of clicking on the link.

Everything you need to “Discover, track, and optimize your advertising performance with our Google Click Tracker Service.”